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Strict procedures and streamlined processes give us the edge when it comes to following the relevant industry compliance standards, and are a key reason why we consistently outperform our competitors.


The Group of Companies
Compliance Hub

The Compliance Hub is a centralised resource centre managed by Vamon Group’s network, data assurance, compliance and vendor management company; Collective Technologies. Vamon Group consists of: EPG, Archer Solutions, Global Mobility Hub, Carman & Associates, Agility Software & Collective Technologies.

Collective Technologies have implemented numerous internationally recognised frameworks in order to protect our clients and to improve our internal policies and procedures. Collective Technologies ensures all entities under the group are compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Privacy Statement

Here we describe how we collect and use your personal information in relation to our websites.

Compliance Accreditations

Take a look at the globally recognised accreditations and assessments obtained by the group.

General Data Protection Regulation

We are committed to offering services and resources to our customers to help them comply with privacy and GDPR requirements.


At EPG, governance is an integral part of corporate structure and operations – a long-term commitment rooted in shared responsibility.

Governance is vital to sound management and its role is strategic, ensuring not only regulatory compliance but also the vitality of our business model, our vision and our ambitions.